Thanks to all the neighbors who came out to participate in the Fall Alley Clean-Up. Meeting at 32nd and Pennsylvania Streets, neighbors were treated to Longs Donuts and coffee while strategizing before embarking on their tasks.  Special thanks to our organizers Dick Luchtman and Mark Herner. Without their efforts, the alleys would not look as good as they do.

The Kid’s Social in the Park allowed the neighborhood kids to gather in the Pocket Park to play games and enjoy sugary snacks before being sent home to calm down. The weather was picture perfect. The kid-friendly event featured bean-bag bowling and soccer. Kids built a Wubble, played Nerf Sonic Frisbee, and played Nerf catching games. The 90-minute event was a hit for kids and parents alike.

This year’s Fall Festival with its Chili and Cornbread Cookoff took place in the Pocket Park.  Several neighbors vied for the coveted Golden Ladle and Golden Fork first prizes award while listening to the music of Mark Herner. Every year, the previous chili and cornbread winner bring the Golden Ladle and Fork to the event to present the first place winners with the coveted award. Judges award a first, second, and third place winner for both chili and cornbread. Competition was stiff this year. Neighbors, fed by the desire to take home the coveted prize, mixed and turned, simmered and baked their entries to perfection.

While winners of the cornbread competition have varied over the years, the chili winner has consistently been longtime neighbor, Dr. Steve Towns. Many neighbors have tried in vain to usurp Dr. Towns and claim the chili cookoff victory, but few have succeeded. This year, due to an absence, a new chili cookoff winner was awarded. This year’s winner of the Annual Chili and Cornbread Cookoff were Dick Luchtman and Rebecca Marcus, respectively. Congratulation to both neighbors for their victory and thank you to everyone who entered! Until next year, Dick Luchtman and Rebecca will be able to proudly display their award and have earned the hard fought bragging rights that accompany their victory.

Chili Winners:

  1. Dick Luchtman
  2. Lorraine Vavul
  3. Doug Day

Cornbread Winners:

  1. Rebecca Marcus
  2. Leah Crane
  3. Jean Richcreek