Time to Pay Your 2017 Dues!!!

HMP Neighborhood Association (HMPNA) dues are separate from contributions to the Pocket Park. Annual HMPNA dues are ONLY $10 per year. More is accepted and greatly appreciated. However, only $10 per year per household will fulfill your membership dues status as well as provide much need financial support to the neighborhood. Association dues are used to support activities such as social gatherings, neighborhood beautification, and other services that neighbors enjoy. Please give thoughtful consideration to your contribution towards the neighborhood association dues.

Dues can be paid online at http://www.historicmeridianpark.org/for-residents/dues/.

Don’t forget that the Pocket Park needs ongoing financial (and physical) help. Financial contributions are tax deductible. Contributions can be made through the Mapleton-Fall Creek Development Corporation. Contact Cassie Mehlman Rhys at cassiemehlmanrhys@gmail.com for details on how to give.