In February 2006, the neighborhood partnered with Ball State’s College for Architecture & Planning: Indianapolis Center to conduct a beautification strategy session. With input from numerous residents, the Ball State team put together recommendations for a cohesive beautification plan to give the neighborhood an identifiable, signature look.

The pages from the newsletter produced by the Ball State team are available via the following links.

  • Full (13355 KB PDF): The full final newsletter.
  • Page 1 (8610 KB PDF): Background on the charette and six placemaking strategies
  • Page 2 (883 KB PDF): Define the neighborhood; restore and maintain the historic character
  • Page 3 (544 KB PDF): Define a network of active public place
  • Page 4 (472 KB PDF): Beautify the street corridors
  • Page 5 (522 KB PDF): Continuation of ideas to beautify the street corridor
  • Page 6 (635 KB PDF): Encourage mixed-use anchors
  • Page 7 (441 KB PDF): Build identity into new development
  • Page 8 (1866 KB PDF): Placemaking toolbox and project credits