The Children’s Museum

The Children’s Museum offers several opportunities to Historic Meridian Park residents.

Mid-North Promise Program

Through museum programs and community partnerships, the Mid-North Promise Program provides academic support for families with children who live in one of the six Mid-North neighborhoods, including Historic Meridian Park. Recognizing that education is impacted by more than what happens within the classroom, the program also connects families to resources supporting family health and wellness, college and career readiness, and more. The program is free to qualifying families. Please see for details.

Neighborhood Club Membership

All residents who live within one of the museum’s six surrounding neighborhoods qualify for a free membership. Neighborhood Club members also receive exclusive quarterly nights at the museum, reduced cost for StarPoint camp, and newsletter updates. To enroll, visit the museum Box Office with your photo ID, a copy of a utility bill and/or a copy of a lease agreement to verify proof of neighborhood residency. You can download an application at