You may have heard of a Little Free Library. Our pocket park has one as do a few neighbors. But have you heard of a Little Free Garden?

Abi Rozelle plans to put a Little Free Garden in the pocket park as a school project that she envisions will help hunger in our community. Abi, assisted by her mother and active Board member Jen Rozelle-Trinosky, presented her idea to the Pocket Park committee where she won unanimous approval to proceed.

The idea is to build a 2’ x 4’ x 12’ raised bed, enlisting neighborhood children to help build (under the guidance of an adult, Luke Trinosky), plant, and maintain vegetables from which anyone in need could harvest the produce. Abi and Jen have studied the Pocket Park and identified the open greenspace in the northeast quadrant as the best location. The neighborhood kids would learn about the garden and Abi and Jen reported that parents would be engaged in communication to help spread the word.

The project is designed to engage the neighborhood children in the planting and maintenance of the garden. Information about the garden will be shared with neighbors via social media and face-to-face contact.