You may have read in previous issues of the Urban Times that HMP has been awarded a beautification grant to plant trees along Washington Boulevard. We now have a date! If you live on Washington Boulevard and want to take part in the program, please mark your calendar for November 10th from 8:30 AM to Noon. Trees will be planted directly in homeowner’s yards, and homeowners must be home during the planting. Members of the HMP Board have canvassed Washington Boulevard to sign-up homeowners that want to participate in the program. If you previously declined to participate the program and now want to participate, or if we missed you because you were not home during multiple attempts, please contact Cassie Mehlman-Rhys at 997-2791 or To be eligible to receive a front yard tree (or two), a homeowner must meet the following criteria:
1) Homeowner desires a tree
2) Homeowner has space for a front yard tree (or two)
3) Homeowner agrees to care for the tree as detailed below

Required Tree Care:
1) Water your tree for the next 3 years
2) Water your tree once a week while leaves are on tree (usually April – October)
3) Give your tree at least 15 gallons of water per week (three 5-gallon
buckets = 15 gallons)

1) Add wood mulch around your tree once a year
2)Build the mulch in the shape of a ring around your tree
3)Mulch should not touch the trunk of the tree

Other ways to help your tree:
1) Let your tree be natural (no fertilizer, rope, wire, paint, etc.)
2) Avoid damaging the bark of the tree with mowers and string trimmers