The Historic Meridian Park neighborhood in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA is bounded by 30th and 34th Streets, Pennsylvania Street, and Washington Boulevard.

The new year promises great things for Historic Meridian Park (HMP), from the recent elections and new faces on the Neighborhood Association Board, meeting new neighbors and enjoying various social events, and to the long-awaited completion of the pocket park shelter. Things are looking bright. Now that the holidays are behind us, we can begin in earnest to plan for an exciting year to come. This is usually the time for new beginnings and resolutions.  Let this be a time when each HMP neighbor resolves to participate more actively in neighborhood events, committees, and subcommittees; financially contribute to the pocket park and the Neighborhood Association; keep the streets and alleys clean; and engage with and check on our neighbors.

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Crime Watch Efforts

With the recent uptick in crime in Indianapolis, Historic Meridian Park (HMP) is redoubling its efforts to create an effective Crime Watch program.

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The Historic Meridian Park neighborhood was farmland until the turn of the century. Then a bridge over Fall Creek and the personal automobile made commuting downtown much easier. This suburban environment, distanced from the noise and smoke of downtown, quickly became desirable and supplanted Woodruff Place and Irvington as the most exclusive and fashionable neighborhoods of their day.
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Historic Meridian Park is a vibrant, safe neighborhood with a strong sense of community and connectivity. The social fabric of the neighborhood promotes respect for diversity, helping one another, and pride in our homes. Residents of all ages appreciate the unique aspects of living in a historic downtown community and recognize the important role they play in shaping its future.

Upcoming Events

Nothing from February 6, 2016 to May 5, 2016.

2016 HMPNA Members

The following people and organizations have paid their HMPNA dues for 2016: